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DUI Charges, Drug & Alcohol charges, criminal defense and traffic charges 

Facing criminal charges or a DUI offense can have an effect on all aspects of your life:  financial, family, personal, and professional.  Let’s face it.  You can’t afford not to seek out the best Arizona Criminal Defense and DUI law firm to represent your rights.  Your present and future depends on legal representation and a knowledgable, experienced attorney who will advocate on your behalf, aggressively defend your case, and proceed with your best interests in mind.

Arizona DUI laws are strict, and consequences for a DUI charge are severe. My AZ Lawyers Criminal Defense and DUI is your best defense and advantage. Our attorneys know the Arizona law, the courts, the judges, the system, and we know how to prepare a defense to get you the best possible outcome for your particular case.  Our team is dedicated to winning.

Starting with a FREE CONSULTATION and case evaluation with an attorney, our firm offers affordable representation.  Ask about our Financing options and payment plans.  My AZ Lawyers is experienced representing clients in Arizona. Our attorneys are tough, thorough, and trustworthy. Our team with be with you from beginning to end of your case, in constant communication.


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