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Call an attorney who is an EXPERT in Arizona DUI law.  An expert attorney who is experienced in Arizona DUI cases could help minimize the consequences that you may be facing if convicted of DUI in Arizona.

costlyA DUI offense in Arizona is going to cost you…

  1. It will cost you time.
  2. It will cost you money. 
  3. It may cost you your career. 
  4. It may cost you your reputation.
  5. It may cost you to lose your driving privileges.
  6. It may cost you to make a collect call if you have to serve jail time.
  7. It may cost your car insurance to go up.
  8. It may cost you relationships. 
  9. It will cost you to experience stress and anxiety of court appearances, and un-budgeted expenses.

Here’s the bottom line:  you cannot afford NOT to at least consult with an experienced Arizona DUI attorney about your case.  You may be facing some harsh consequences for a DUI offense.  

Arizona has run anti-DUI ads:  “You just blew $10,000!”  The state is strict on DUI offenses and and severe when it comes to penalties.  Here is an example of minimum costs for a DUI first offense:

Jail – $225.00

Alcohol classes – $550.00

Interlock Device installed on car – $1000.00

Fines and Fees – $2100.00

Vehicle insurance increases:  up to $3000.00 per year for up to 3 years

Arizona DUI Lawyer cost: average cost is $4000.00-$10,000 depending on many factors

If you have been arrested and charged with an DUI offense in Arizona, it is best to seek representation from a firm with attorneys who are Arizona Criminal and DUI law experts.