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 When you need an experienced, affordable attorney, call My AZ Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers.


Our firm offers expert representation to clients in Arizona who need DUI an criminal defense.  Our team is knowledgable in Arizona DUI law. We are experienced in the Arizona DUI process. Financing is available, and we offer payment plans to make it possible for you to immediately seek our representation as soon as you are arrested.

It is important that you have My AZ Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers immediately protecting your rights and involved in your case. The sooner our attorneys get involved in the details of your case, the better chance of getting the best possible outcome for the charges against you.

Besides unbeatable pricing, our firm has a reputation for successful representation and communication with our clients. My AZ Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers is dedicated to winning.

For your convenience, we have several office locations in Arizona, and we can take evening and weekend appointments. Call to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with an attorney, and ask about our unbeatable pricing.