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cropped-ARIZONAS-BEST-DUI-AND-CRIMINAL-DEFENSEREPRESENTATION-3.jpgOur top priority is protecting the rights of our clients in Tempe, Arizona.  Our attorneys always act with the best interests of our clients in mind. We understand that the outcome of your case may affect your personal, family, professional, and financial life. We listen closely to your needs and examine the facts of your particular case.

We represent our clients successfully because our team is specialized in Arizona Criminal Law and DUI cases. Our firm is experienced in dealing with judges, police, prosecutors, and the Arizona Court system.20160704_184232

We communicate closely with our clients, and provide information and options. No matter the severity of your crime, if you have been accused of a crime, you need to contact our law firm and consult with a trusted, reliable, knowledgeable attorney.

Are you ready to discuss your legal situation and find out how My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers can help your case? 

Tempe, Arizona

Tempe, Arizona

If you have been accused of a crime in Tempe, Arizona, contact My AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers.

If you discuss your matter immediately with an attorney, they can begin to examine the details of your case and prepare a defense in order to protect your rights.

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